Quality Service For Over Half A Century

Alexander T. Kindling founded Atomatic Manufacturing in 1954. The name “Atomatic” is a play on the word “atom.” As the name suggests, Atomatic Mfg. been a supplier of precision parts and assemblies for the nuclear industry from the early experimental reactors to the present day builds.

Atomatic Mfg. has served many industries throughout its history. Nuclear work, both commercial and naval, was the dominate industry from the early years through the ‘80s. Our parts and special purpose tooling can be found in power plants and ships worldwide.

From the early 90’s and forward, the robotics industry has surpassed nuclear in its demand for precision machining and fabrication services. As with the nuclear power industry, Atomatic Mfg. was there during the early years of the robotic revolution. We have created many parts on the first robots of the early 80’s used to clean up radioactive waste.

Since then we have machined, welded and assembled robots that are in operation for a gamut of industries. Our parts can be found in hydro and biodiesel plants, shipyards, underwater vehicles, autonomous robotic vehicles, natural gas pipeline inspection robots, reconnaissance robots, medical devices, space exploration and green energy storage. Many of these robots have appeared on network television programs and documentaries.